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 Druid Appllication

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Druid Ap

PostSubject: Druid Appllication   Mon Jun 02, 2008 12:30 pm

Country: Greece/Rhodes
Name: Ntaky
Real Name: Giorgos
Class: Druid
Specc: I resspec whenever i have the money trying to find something new for my class, but im willing to have a specc that the guild wants...At the moment im a feral DPS semi-tank.
Raid Hours: I can raid almost every day, except maybe saturdays
Armory Link: -
Pre TBC experience: ZG, MC (with my hunter on an other realm)
Post TBC: Karazhan, Grulls, TK,SCC (with my hunter on an other realm)
Previous guild on Genjuros: None
Reason for joining the guild: A few IRL friends and the urge to push my druid to its limits, being it tanking, damaging or healing

Thank You for time to read this

Ntaky (Karma)
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Druid Appllication
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